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Augmented Reality Zines - ‘Cergam muslimah’

These AR-zines are artefacts created as part of Trends Towards Piety, my Masters’ thesis. This exploration is part of the research into discursive artifacts that situate multiple perspectives of Muslimah (Muslim women) identity. This piece of work presents a different reading experience to each of the stories using mobile augmented reality (MAR). I used the AR application Eyejack to realize the concept.

Check the main thesis page here.

‘Cergam Muslimah’ (translated from Indonesian to Muslimah drawn out stories; pronounced chur-gum) is an exploration into zines as part of a creative practice that utilizes the affordances of augmented reality. A large part of this research aims to see how democratized AR apps can be used to tell layers of short stories, and evoke a dual or a hidden meaning.

These 8-page zines explore various themes of life, love and thoughts about the future. The illustrations were first hand drawn then vector outlined and saved into .png and gif files to be uploaded as part of the AR layer. 

Video walkthrough sample︎︎︎