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ADA-DADA residency website design + RISOGRAPH zine

How do you weave a historical art movement with the insights of artists and designers today?

This project consists of a website and publication for the ADA-DADA residency. I lead the visual design process and worked alongside CAM members (Maria Yala and Amreen Ashraf) to develop the program’s core concept. The flagship publication and the website encompasses the theme of the residency, data as counter culture, with the historical movement, Dada. This was used as the primary visual inspiration for a modern take on the movement.

Program Logomark ︎︎︎

The collages and the typography are an homage to the works of Dadaist Hannah Höch. These dada-inspired compositions are created by using images provided by residents of their work. By implementing this style into the documentation, readers are able to see how the theme intersects well with the historical movement and what the works represent in seeing "Data" through a different perspective.

Typography treatment experiments ︎︎︎

Explorations for the cover︎︎︎
Website - www.adadadaresidency.ca ︎︎︎
Riso-graph printed zine︎︎︎