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      Based in Doha, Qatar. About me︎

Carisa is a graphic, visual designer & interactive storyteller︎ with a M.Des in Digital Futures.

︎ ︎, ︎, Womp︎

I am passionate about expanding and contracting the limits of various technologies in producing design work. My approach is to see it through a critical and innovative lens! 

I have an adaptive mind in embracing opportunities to grow and learn within academia, creative agencies/businesses and arts + cultural non-profit organizations.


Having lived in different countries, I consider my transnational, muslimah identity as an empowering asset in my work. My interests vary from, but are not limited to:

︎︎︎ contemporary film & cinema
︎︎︎ environmental x technological futures 
︎︎︎ indie game design
︎︎︎ XR
︎︎︎ zines!

On the side, I am a co-founder of CAM Collective, a remote-based collaborative research group. Along with Amreen Ashraf and Maria Yala, we have participated in fellowships and residencies with UKAI, SAVAC, futuress and Roundtable Residency.