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Based in Toronto, CA. About me︎


Carisa is a visual designer & interactive storyteller︎

︎︎︎ ︎, ︎

I like to visualize meaningful research and keen on working for educational, futures-oriented values to create an impact in the ever growing technological landscape. I also enjoy producing fun, dynamic designs for a variety of audiences and markets! I have a Master of Design in Digital Futures.

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Having lived most of my life in different countries, I consider my transnational identity as an empowering asset in my work. My research interests vary from, but are not limited to:

︎︎︎ decolonial, climate sensitive futures
︎︎︎ intersections between art and technology
︎︎︎ muslimah identity

I am also passionate about film, personal game-design and zine-making as a form of alternative storytelling practice! 

On the side, I am a co-founder of CAM Collective, a Toronto-based collaborative research group. CAM has participated in local residencies and exhibitions with UKAI, SAVAC and was a Coding Resistance Fellow at futuress!

Extended portfolio .pdf available upon ︎ request ︎