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How do we as designers create distinct works when were are in a time of algorithmic design? Can our work still be dynamic, compelling and emotive?

This project examines the process of algorithmic automation and how it affects the viewer’s connection to the aesthetic experience of viewing a poster. The exhibited piece featured generated posters in a browser window, as the respective JavaScript code for each poster was printed onto a letter-sized sheet of paper using an inkjet printer.

Coded in p5.js, this was a collaboration with colleagues Joshua McKenna and Ladan Siad. This project was exhibited at the OCAD University Graduate Program, 2019 Digital Futures Open Show.

//generative(systems); is a investigation into Suprematism, an art and graphic design movement from the 1920s, through generative form. By referencing elements popularized from that movement, this project explores the automation of design processes through the basis of variance and the discourse around the movement towards engineered design systems.

Exhibition video︎︎︎

Generated posters︎︎︎

Documentation on the project can be found here.