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I, CHarybdis (2023)

Developed with Sheilla Shojaie and Jordanne Chan

How can we embody fear and monstrous power? Can we reclaim and personify female rage?

I, Charybdis (or Force of Nature) is an interactive VR (virtual reality) experience for Meta Quest 2 at Bodies In VR, a research-creation partnership between OCAD University’s game:play Lab, Social Body Lab, and DMG (Dames Making Games). 

The project is available as a github repository and is playable on Unity using a VR headset.

This research posits the player as a whirlpool from the first-person perspective. drawing in and casting away your surroundings, gives expression to themes of non-human representation, embodiments of fear and agency, and the roles of women in mythology.

A clip of the experience can be seen below, at 9:50 - 11:02 minutes.

Showcase of Research Projects ︎︎︎

Screencaps of the VR experience︎︎︎

Concept ideation︎︎︎

Process video of whirlpool and floating elements︎︎︎

Unity process︎︎︎

Skybox, generated then edited on blockadelabs.