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As a Digital Designer at Kasra (2014 - 2016), I designed and published many products with the UX/Design team.

To achieve the company goals, I created mockups of article detail pages with elevated UI design hierarchy to enhance the MVP product, and was ready to assist editors and writers with kasra-themed illustrations for content. It was important to show the profitability of a creative writers community and help inspire aspiring writers to publish arabic content for the digital age.

The site aimed to bridge the arabic digital literacy and provide an online platform for middle-eastern writers to share their work and create opportunities for their craft.

Homepage and Individual landing pages︎︎︎

Article Detail page (ADP)︎︎︎

User Personas︎︎︎

User Onboarding on Kasra App ︎︎︎

Kasra App (MVP at the time of release)︎︎︎

Miscellaneous gifs and illustrations for Web & Mobile ︎︎︎