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Overview ︎︎︎
As a Digital Designer at Kasra (2014 - 2016), I designed and published many products with the UX/Design team, under the supervision of UX lead Neveen Moghazy. I designed various vector illustrations, website elements and mock-ups of the current webpage designs and headers for web and mobile. I also assisted the Editorial and the Social media team with various types of imagery. I was involved in many stages of the website concept design and contributed in creating user personas and the beta testing to improve the overall user experience. 

Homepage and Individual landing pages︎︎︎

Article Detail page (ADP)︎︎︎

User Personas︎︎︎

User Onboarding on Kasra App ︎︎︎

Kasra App (MVP at the time of release)︎︎︎

Miscellaneous gifs and illustrations for Web & Mobile ︎︎︎