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#kilmaoftheday is an interaction based project that aims to promote the Qatari dialect to audiences of different language backgrounds, allowing a greater involvement with the local VCUarts Qatar community. This project was done in collaboration with colleagues Sheikah Al Shaihah, Sara Al Hudaifi and Asma Al Kuwari.

Kilma is an arabic word that translates to "word."

As a form of a hybrid, the local language itself is of a mixture of many other vernaculars that were common to the natives in the past, resulting in a type of Arabic that is more casual and fun to speak. By taking this aspect of the language, engaging the people by introducing a "kilma" everyday would help share its qualities as an essential element in our daily lives.

With the tag-line "Ask a local!" participants are persuaded to continue the conversation by affirming their knowledge of the word through the interaction with a local citizen.

Exhibition video︎︎︎

The video elaborates on the results of the interaction and scenarios that can be expected as a result.

Kilma posters︎︎︎

These were printed out as posters or handouts.

This project also used a promotional Instagram page that used the hashtag #kilmaoftheday. It was also featured in the Qatar Foundation printed Newsletter in 2013.