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Sybertek - migrants at bay

This interactive experience was inspired by the current data collection and presentation on the migrant crisis. The experience was created using Unity 3D. I completed this project as part of CAM Collective, for the ADA-DADA Residency by SAVAC. The project was featured in Puritan Magazine’s Minority Vibration.

The story begins after a migrant incident has occurred in the imagined future of a fictional surveillance nation state, The Republic of Sybertek. The scene invites the participant to take on the role of a state appointed Migrant Incident Documentation Officer (M.I.D.O) tasked with “recording” information about the migrant’s belongings that have washed up after a smuggler boat carrying people has capsized.


Using worldbuilding and storytelling, we attempt to highlight stories behind the humans who are often forced to migrate. In doing so, we wanted to respond to cold statistical data that omits the cruel reality of the crisis. The work considers the question “who collected this data, and what is left out?”.

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+ Logos designed as part of the worldbuilding︎︎︎