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Piece-ful mind (2022)

with CAM Collective for Roundtable Residency
How do you utilise 3 different design mediums to express complex emotions and concepts?

This short film project is seen from the perspective of our original character Iliyana, a creative, tech savvy teenage girl, seeking a sense community in isolation while navigating her physical, mental and virtual realities. The work aims to reflect on our entangled relationship with algorithmic, content-driven information, and how a sense of lost time is conveyed through the user interface.

This work was done as part of the Roundtable Residency 2022 cohort, and is exhibited online.

Final short film piece︎︎︎

Piece-ful Mind (2022), in collaboration with Amreen Ashraf and Maria Yala.

This short film was created using a combination of Unity 3D, computer graphic art, UI libraries and AI generated imagery using prompt engineering. By utilizing knowledge of early web 2.0 and 90’s aesthetics with the social media of today, I contributed by collaging and combining these visual elements to depict nostalgia through UI design.

Swipe through the User Interface screens︎︎︎

A large component of the art direction was pulling web 2.0 interface designs into the film to portray a personalization of the experience. Iterations of the MSN Messenger web application and artworks created in the vaporwave style were imbued in the buttons and the different dashboards.

These screens evolved from a minimalist, personalized chat app UI, that I created below on Adobe Xd.

I also collaborated with my collective members to arrange ili’s bedroom screen by placing 3D objects in Unity. The goal of this scene was to create a digital representation of the space for a user to walk through and enhance the pov of the main character. This scene can be experienced on itch.io.

Screencaps from the scene︎︎︎
We utilized AI tools and learned prompt engineering to create surreal images for the film. These were then fed into a browser-based “rabbit hole” to evoke a sense of being “absorbed” by the algorithms we encounter on social media platforms.

Sample AI generated imagery︎︎︎
Images fed into the “rabbit hole”︎︎︎