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What the (digital) futures? 2019 Masters’ thesis exhibition

What the (digital) Futures? is the 2019 Digital Futures masters’ thesis exhibition held at TMAC (Toronto Media Arts Centre.) Working with the graduate program coordinator, director and the graduating students, I was chosen to lead the visual branding process for the end of year exhibition. I developed the concept with feedback from the 2019 cohort and engaged in rapid feedback sessions. The deliverables ranged from digital banners to printed booklets and exhibition zine/pamphlets.

Social Media Banners (Eventbrite, Facebook Pages, Instagram, Email) ︎︎︎

Printed promotional poster (CMYK profile)︎︎︎

What The Futures Exhibition Landing Page (at time of exhibition)︎︎︎

Didactic design︎︎︎

Exhibition Didactics and Vinyl on display︎︎︎

Annual Thesis Booklet (Click to flip through on issuu!)︎︎︎

Glitch art concepts︎︎︎

Alternate visual concept options︎︎︎